Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Things have been going really well. I just can’t wait to quit my job. I feel like I have a few people that I want to cuss out and beat up, but I will take the higher road. I am kind of loose with my behavior and would not care about cussing anyone out or anything like that, so those people need to watch out.

I will be quitting on the 9th, so I have about 9 days. I can be patient with 9 days.

As far as me moving, I have, I am flying out on the 18th. I got my visa a couple days ago. I’m so glad I got it. It was a very easy process and was my final step. I keep looking at my passport and looking at the two stamps I got so far (one from Vietnam and now this one from China). I am excited and I can’t believe that I am moving to China. I know a decent amount of basic Chinese. I had been studying it.

Other than that. I have all this built up anger towards people at work. I don’t what I am angry at, so I will leave it alone. I just can’t wait to get out of the country. I don’t like living here and I am so glad that I am finally leaving.

My diet has been going well, and I am back in the 150s. Sometimes, when I wake up, I weigh in at 150 pounds. Sometimes I weigh in at 153. My BMI is healthy. I have a healthy amount of body fat. For some reason, I want to go to the 140s, now. Eating only three times a day with no snacking helps. I am getting use to it. I am getting so used to it that I may eat smaller portions of food.


Take care !










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