Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I’m surviving and am still just trucking in general and trying to figure out who I am and where I am going. With that comes challenges. With that comes obstacles, but if you keep fighting and just don’t give up then the outcomes are always beautiful. 

Having said that, I am facing some. I took an online TEFL course. That decision was not so bad, but also not that great as well. I passed and I got my certificate and all, but it becomes challenging to find a job when you don’t have experience. 

I can’t even say it was a challenge. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough. I’m still in the fight and all, but I have decided to take another route. I’ll tell you the story step by step now.

So I passed my TEFL course and I received my certificate. I looked for jobs. Getting responses seemed easy. People ask me if I lived in the country yet. I landed two job interviews that were conducted via Skype. That was pretty fun. That later of the two schools that interviewed me is a pretty big named school in Vietnam. The first school took a lot of my time and made me make sacrifices of some sort that I didn’t want to make just yet.

So let’s start with the first school. I interviewed once. I was told to get all kinds of paperwork together. The sacrifice that I was requested to do that I didn’t want to do just yet was tell my co-workers and boss that I am quiting. The school requested that I get two letters of recommendation from my job.

I was sort of forced to tell my boss that I was quitting. I didn’t want to do that just yet because you never know. I told her and I got the letters and all anyways. I told my co-workers as well. My so called lady friend at work, that I told you I didn’t trust to begin with seemed jealous, and she wouldn’t write a letter of recommendation. She was even hating, but also trying to hide it. 

After I did all that, I had a second interview with that job and was told that I needed experience. The later schooled interviewed me and emailed saying that I had good book knowledge, but that I needed experience as well. I received these two rejects by email the same day.

I was a little down about those, but not by a whole lot. I just felt like they were right, though. I could barely remember things I’ve studied in that class and I did need experience.

Immediately, I looked for another TEFL school. I ran across one that said it did paid internships. It looked pretty legit and a lot of people did good reviews of that particular school on youtube. Immediately, I gave them a call. The paid internship for Vietnam had an age limit. I didn’t make it because I was one year older. They offered me one for China instead so I took it. 

I am taking that class, now, which is online again, but they have an in class portion as well that I will have to do in China along with a 5 month internship(paid). We will see how it goes. So I am studying Mandarin as well to be prepared. 

OK, let’s talk about the girl at work. Long story short, i don’t trust her and will go back to distancing myself.

Anyways, I wrote enough. 

Take care !    ðŸ˜€


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