Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today is going well. I am just very exhausted at this point. I am doing this new diet called brightline.

I don’t think I have been making sure I have been eating enough food. All I did was cut out any flour ingredients whatsoever. I’m cutting out all sugar too and I am making sure that I am eating only three times a day with no snacking or anything. Plus I have been doing insanity and Krav Maga to top it off. I worked out late last night and I worked out early this morning. That may be the true reason why I am exhausted, now.

Other than that. There is this really beautiful black woman that I talk to on my way to work. We catch the same bus together. I’ve been slowly and slowly talking to her about more things. She approached me, initially; or she initiated our whole interaction I should say. Today is the first time that we actually talked and joked a lot. She soft and is very nice. She Has a beautiful face and body. She has nice long hair as well. Today we were just talking and talking–getting to know each other.

I was very nervous the whole time. I hope it didn’t show. I hope I didn’t seem odd. I think I looked calm though and I was making strong eye contact at appropriate times. She asked some questions about me. She told me things about her. There are some drawbacks if we ever were to date though. The first one is that I am moving. The second one is that she has a little daughter. Other than that she seems very cool and I just think that we look great together. She seems soft. I get along with soft women.

Other than that, things are going really well. The job in Vietnam is looking good. The lady will call me and give me details as to what I need to do going forward. Looks like it is a for sure thing that I will live in Vietnam!



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