Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today is going well. I didn’t wake up in time enough to do insanity. I only meditated and I think I applied for one job. 

I read books on the way to work. I’m trying to understand “The Kybalion” I think I got it. 

Just before work, I got the biggest news ever from one of my best and my pretty much most trusted friend. We have been talking almost every single day for about 7 years now. I think we liked each other once. She seemed like she wanted me to become Muslim so that we would get married. I would not become one. That was the deal breaker. Years went by and throughout those years she got in an arranged marriage with someone else. Life goes on. I became ultra party guy while trying to grow up in the process. She’s been married for a while now and moved to a Muslim country. Anyways, she revealed to me that she doesn’t believe in Islam anymore.

I was really surprised, but I was sad for her. I know it must of been hard. That’s the last news I got from her before I had to go to work. I have so many questions for her. She’s not Muslim anymore. She may take off her hijab. This is big !

The bad part of me, you know. .. the devil on my left shoulder is like OK ? She is up for game now. But no…I will always look at her differently. That’s the one woman that I do appreciate more than anything in my life. She will always be the hijab wearing , untouchable Muslim girl to me.

I went to Krav Maga sparring class today. It was tough. Fighting people is more harder than doing Insanity workout. I was not good. 

I’ve been applying to a few jobs a day. The hardest thing for me to do is the cover letter. I have never written one a day in my life. I’m sure the first few coiver letters I have written are no good. The last one I wrote today was excellent. I am getting better. That job rejected me, and so did another one. I have an interview with an agency that helps people find English teaching jobs, though. The interview is via Skype, tomorrow. Wish me luck. 

Take care ! 


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