Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I’m happy, today. I have been in a really good mood quite a while now. Maybe it’s because of meditation, maybe it’s because of all these essential oils.whatever the case, I like it. Maybe I’ve found a way to not let myself get too down. Maybe, it’s because I know that I will be living in Vietnam soon.  Whatever the case, I like it.

Soooo….another reason I may be happy, today is because a woman, that I see on the bus often, finally started talking to me. I always thought she was cute. She’s pretty and she seems soft. I normally don’t really like black girls, but she always grabbed my eye when I saw her.

She older than me,  with decent hair, nice size boobs, and a nice butt. Maybe she was just being friendly or maybe she’s attracted to me. She sat on the seat right in front of me. She bent down to change her shoes and she sort of laughed and looked up and said “excuse me.” Was that a cleavage show on purpose? Her coworkers happened to get on the bus, too and she introduced me to them. She asked me what street I worked on and then told me of some coffee shops and such that she likes in the area.

We’ll see what happens.

Take Care !



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