Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I am just getting off of work not too long ago. I want to write to you about some things that have been happening this past dew days, nothing too big, especially since I haven’t been leaving the house besides going to work  Krav Maga.

I went to the meditation center last Friday. It is always nice to go there. This is where the most exciting moment of my life comes in. Are you ready? OK, here we go I met a girl. ……

Well, as I was writing this at the bus stop, I got interrupted by a girl. She came and sat right next to me. I stopped writing a second just to see what was going on. I looked at her, she gave a bliushing smile. Is that a go? Is that a go? What do I do? I look again, she glances to catch me looking. I say nothing. I think. I want to write again, but I don’t want her to see what I am writing. I put my Kindle down, and I think. Well…what if I tried to talk to her just because?

She then asked me about what time a bus comes. I say I am not sure, but I can look it up. Just as I was hoping to attempt to, some crazy homeless women comes and talks and interrupts us. My bus comes. I tell her bye. I have no game. She was cute. She was offering, and I didn’t know what to do. Lame !

Anyways, back  to the girl. I met this Asian girl at the meditation center. She seemed nice. I didn’t think this much of her when I first met her, but two days later, I just remember her being very nice and beautiful. We just had a chat about how meditation was going for us in our lives. How beautiful. Now that I met bus stop girl, the feeling is dying out.

Why am I so horrible? It was so obvious. What’s wrong with me, still. After all this stuff I have been listening to about how the “game” goes.

I could have just said any damn thing. I know she wanted me to talk. She sat way to close to me at a bus stop 11:00 at night.

Shit !

But hey, maybe I was wrong. Maybe she just didn’t want to be talked to and she sat by me to look like she was with someone for protection.

Sooo…she sits next to a stranger. She sits next to a stranger and gives him a blushing smile. This is why I am still single. I don’t catch on quick at all.

Meanwhile there is another girl I like in my apartment building. Sometimes, I work out in front of the garage. She walks pass me. This time, she looked and smiled and said “hi.”

I like her.

I’ve been given advice that told me to not masturbate, and just visualize being successful and picking up some girl or have some girl pick me up. I will be. I have been doing this for three days, now. This girl just tried to pick me up and I was stupid. I’m really kicking myself in the butt. She was adorable. Never again.

Take Care



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