Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine.

Today is going well, I am just here at work. There is nothing really to talk about. I went to Krav Maga class, yesterday. We only sparred. I do not think I am as good at sparring as I used to be. I have been getting my ass kicked. How can I get better?

I have been talking to a 9 year? 8 year? friend pretty much every morning. She is a great woman and I learn a lot from her. I need her in that sense. We have been talking politics a lot lately. I really support Trump. She hates Trump. Different topics come up during these conversations. Today, she said I had sociopathic mindset, and that I really couldn’t see it. That hit home, because I really do feel that way about myself at times. Am I a sociopath?

I know I don’t care for anyone, completely. Maybe I care about her, but that’s only because I benefit from her. If she were to get angry or something and cut all my needs off, all care would go out the window, I think, or maybe not. I think I can remember who she is to me. I know that I don’t care about my family members and my mom is enemy number one. I have a fast temper, I kind of think I’m better than a lot of people. I have been involved in four affairs, at least. But maybe the fact that I am thinking about if I am a sociopath or not proves that I am not a sociopath.

Other than that stuff, nothing else has been going on. I have just been exercising, studying, and eating healthy.

Take care !



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