Dear Journal, 

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I’ve decided to write thus morning instead of read. I think I am feeling not quite right, emotionally, so I’ve decided to write and process things so that I can feel better. Also, it is just good to get out of routine every once in a while. 

The first problem I am having is just with the people at work. I’m a manager to some of them. I find them, and pretty much the entire building for that matter, to be careless about their jobs. I can get ry and yell at them, but I don’t care to waste my energy. I don’t care waste energy writing about them either, so I will stop here.

Other than that, I think that in general, things have been going well. I’m just saving money and counting down my days. 

My big breasted coworker, that I wrote about before, definitely has some kind of interest in me. She wants me to go to bars and strip clubs with her and the other  coworkers. I’m not entirely comfortable with her, though. I may not ever hang out with them after work. I just don’t want to spend too much time spending money outside of groceries. I’m just waiting my time to head to Vietnam. I don’t care for a date or a girlfriend. I can wait. 

Speaking of dating, I have been studying some great dating material. I’ll post an exert from a lecture I had listened to Sunday night. 

Another thing that is bothering me slightly is that shooting I had seen on YouTube last night. A man walked up to an innocent old man and shot in the head for no reason. He recorded the whole thing and posted it on Facebook live. It was disturbing to watch. I can’t believe that things like this happen in America. At the same time, I believe in God, and if God had that written in his plans then so be it. That’s just one way I look at it. 

I’ve been watching the Hugh Hefner documentary on Amazon. I’ve also been looking at my past shoots. Damn they are very personal and sexy. Girls are comfortable enough to do that kind of stuff with me. These kind of shoots will only get better. I may just do one more before I leave. Why not?


Take Care !

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