“Let me share a reality that people may or may not see.   If they do see it they don’t talk about it.   All people have a dual sexual nature.   There is the obvious carnal sexual nature which is pure lust.   It’s the drive to connect with someone because of their physical attributes.   It’s the woman being attracted to a man because of his height, body build, square jaw, and yes dick size.   It’s the man being attracted to a woman’s big breasts and phat ass.   The carnal drive doesn’t care about a person’s character, profession, social class, political leanings, or religious beliefs.   This is pure attraction.   There is a second sexual drive that’s based more on mental and emotional compatibility.   This drive is more influenced by social factors such as culture, and personal beliefs. ”

That’s just something that I read from a website I like to visit from time to time. It’s made by a man named Rom Wills. The specific article that that paragraph above is from is called “What About Responsible Men.”

I’m still reading it at the moment, but now that I came across something that clearly explains something I have been dealing with within myself, I feel like it’s a good time to write about it since it is on my mind. I can also write about my coworker because I promised to write about her and this is something related to her.

I have been thinking about why I like big boobs and asses so much. Now that I read the passage above, I feel completely normal. It is natural. I’m still trying to figure out the type of woman that I will be completely satisfied with. I’m definitely attracted to decent size boobs and I am definitely attracted to a phat ass. OK, there is nothing wrong with that. That is what I want in my life and what I prefer waking up to. Screw the second sexual drive.
OK, so let’s talk about my coworker. I do not like her, but I will fuck her because she has very huge and natural boobs. I ignore her at work the best way I can, but she is an attention seeker or she is attracted to me. She is constantly in my face. I missed one day at work and she told me, being serious, that she missed me when I was off. I gave a a small souvenir when I got back from Vietnam, and I can tell that it really touched her. The thing is that, I just don’t like her like that because I don’t feel like we have a lot in common and I do not trust her at all.

She has this God mother that influences her decision and her mind I am sure, and I refuse to have to work around that. She also seems to be the every Sunday go to church type because that’s how her grandmother, who raised her is and I refuse to have to fight around that as well. So I am often stand offish and dismissive towards her, but she still fights for the attention it seems. I don’t think it’s me personally that she wants the attention from. I think she just wants more attention from guys in general. She’s kind of locked in by her grandmother and such, you know, so she is getting older and desperate. She will probably be a freak when she gets free. Besides me being attracted to her boobs only, I want no involvement with her..


Take Care !



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