Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today is going well, I guess. I felt really good today until I got angry at something at work. I get real hot real easy when I feel that I am right and have been wronged. I become a monster, and that happens often. I was reading “The Book of Proverbs” the other day and I see that there is a lot of advice/tips in it about dealing with this sort of issue. “The Book of Proverbs” is one of my favorite books in The Bible. After a year, I am still in the process of reading the whole bible. I recently finished “The Book of Ecclesiastes, which is also another good book. I am going to read “The Songs of Solomon and then maybe stop and review those three books in some way.

I went to sparring class in Krav Maga, yesterday. Maybe it was foolish of me, but I didn’t bring a mouth guard. I lost mine and I was reluctant to by another one until my next paycheck. This paycheck goes to bills and it leaves me broke. I mean, I do have SOME money to spend but I spent that little on oils. I have just taken an interest in oils. I caught a webinar by a guy named Dr Axe and I learned a lot about essential oils there. the stuff sounds amazing, so I bought a few oils (peppermint oil, Frankincense oil, and lavender oil) and an oil burner.

I already had peppermint oil. I use it to make my toothpaste. After watching the webinar, I carry it in my pocket now and it does come in handy. When I inhale it it does give me energy and makes me feel better. I should get everything in the mail tomorrow and I can’t wait !

I did end up finding a really inexpensive mouthpiece, that should come in the mail too before I spar again.

Anyways, I have to go now.

Take Care !



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