Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me,  I’m fine. I know I have been writing to you less and less. I’ve just been focused and busy, that’s all. These days a typical day of mine go something like this(and I am very consistent with it)

Wake up
Stretch and shadow box
Coffee and study for TEFL or study coding. (I alternate days. I just can’t give up on really learning how to code as well. I’m getting better at it. It’s very easy for me to study in the mornings.)
Get dressed and listen to NPR
Read Bible.
Read something about dating (these days, I’m reading books by Rom Wills) or I’ll read about psychocybernetics. I alternate days with that as well.
Read Photo manual.
Visualize during lunch at work
After work…
Study Spanish and play chess or Play with an app called Elevate.
get home..or just go to Krav Maga
meditate when I get home and work out if I don’t go to Krav Maga class.
have dinner

On the weekends I take it easy. That’s my schedule. sounds boring?
I rarely go out one the weekends anymore. I rarely go out at all. I don’t drink either. I told myself that I will not drink until I get that TEFL and make it to Vietnam. That gets hard. Every weekend I want a 40oz. Another thing that is a little hard is not being able to pay girls to shoot with me anymore. I guess I can look for girls that would do it for free, but I feel bad about not giving money. Plus the shoots I was doing in that hotel were awesome– The whole set up. I keep looking at those photos. I was doing good. I will do one last one before I leave the country. I will continue that series in Vietnam. I might even find better looking white girl in Vietnam(I want all these girls to be white). I doubt they will be American. I saw a lot of beautiful white women when I went to Saigon, but they were from other countries. After that, of course I’m going to do a series with those Vietnamese girls. There are so many beautiful ones there.

Other than that, things here are going well. I am keeping up. I have to go to Krav Maga class tonight for sparring. Then I have the 30 minute walk home.

I feel like I wrote enough and I will try and write to you more.

Take Care !



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