Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today is going by well. I’m returning to Krav Maga class after a long time off, you know–two weeks in Vietnam and one week off to catch up on sleep because of the time difference and such. Today is sparing day. I dread taking the long bus ride out there, though.

I’ve decided to change things up with my schedule since I have been back. instead of working out in the morning, I study, instead and it turned out to work a whole lot better for me. I am able to go through lessons and learn things a lot better. I’m still studying coding, and after going through the bootstrap lesson for the third time, I finally understand it. It’s fairly easy to understand, but studying something like that after a long days work is not easy. It’s a lot easier for me to do it in the morning. I work out at night, now. That’s easy to do at night. I love doing it at night. I’m studying for two things on alternating days. One is the coding, the other is for something more serious; I’m working on a getting a TEFL certificate so that I can teach English overseas. I am ultra serious and am planning on going back to Vietnam to teach English.

I’m still battling in my own little war of dating and sex. I started listening to three other guy’s advice on youtube. They help me out a lot. Their advice involves no tricks and is very solid. One guy suggested I get jet stone for protection. That’s very unique advice. I have never heard of jet stone and have never really paid attention to crystals. Do they really work? It’s amazing that they exist.


I have a few things on my mind, but that’s all I’m going to write for now.

Take Care !



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