03/06/17 Vietnam Final Chapter

Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I feel good. I feel accomplished. I’ve been keeping myself clean and buying new clothes and looking fresh. I’m more secure about my decision. Having said that, I must interrupt myself and say that I photographed some beautiful women at a party I went to last night:


Wow, man ! Life goals. Look at that girl.

Anyways, I was hired to shoot there so I shot. It was fun. One thing I see I am getting from meditating, everyday, perhaps is that I see I don’t need to get wasted anymore to get good photos. I was very comfortable.

OK, so let’s talk about Vietnam.

I have decided to move there. I am moving there and I can’t wait. I am very serious about this. I am going to get a job teaching English there. It is very easy to do that so long as I get a TEFL certificate, which is what I will work on this week. I am going to take a class. I will pay for it this week. It is only a couple hundred.

I absolutely love Vietnam. It was very interesting to be there.


Take Care. I will start writing about normal life.




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