03/02/17 Vietnam Pt2.

Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I am fine. I will continue to talk about Vietnam. Where did I leave off?

I’m not sure where, but anyways. I think I can remember the second day I was in Vietnam. I sat around the house vomiting a lot like I said. I can’t remember what had happened during the day, but at night it was filled with heavy drinking and food again. I know that Vietnamese people like to get together and drink beers a lot. I witnessed this a lot of times outside of Vietnam in a place in California called “Little Saigon” as well. We were sitting around talking and eating and drinking lot of Heinekens. We were eating chicken–very real unprocessed chicken. Real chicken is a little bit more chewy than anything I have tasted in the states. We were eating chicken feet, chicken head, chicken neck, and everything that comes from a chicken. Later they busted out some cooked duck eggs. With these eggs, though, the babies were a little bit more developed.


Even doing something as simple as that was a little bit adventurous to me and it was fun. That’s all I can write about for now because it is late and I must go to bed soon. Today went by well. I worked, cleaned my house after work, etc.

Take  Care !

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