Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? Long time no write to, huh? I’ve been focused and busy. I totally put down everything while I was in Vietnam as well. I had a really really really really really really great time there. It was a true blessing and I really had the time of my life there. I only stayed 10 days, but it was a great 10 days. I guess I should try and write about it in details.



I landed and got my visa on arrival. Some friends picked me up from the airport. I slept in a hotel for a few hours. I guess my friend had to do something with his girlfriend. When he came to get me from the hotel we went to his girlfriend’s house, drank coconut juice and ate a small meal. We then went downstairs and met with more friends. We just talked and drank a lot of “Tiger” beer. We ate a bunch of snail, and horseshoe crab. We really did drink an endless amount of “Tiger” beer. We were cheering a lot. They taught me how to says “cheers” in Vietnamese. It’s “Yo.” We did so many yo’s. We did it each time we picked up our beers before taking a sip.

Later, my best friend arrived from Hawaii and we all got on a big bus and drove to a very country like city that was about 2 hours away from Ho Chi Mihn where I landed. The name of the city is “xã Phú Khánh.”


The next morning, I woke up in a local house. That’s where I stayed for most of my days. I went to brush my teeth and I noticed that my tooth brush came out really black colored. my tongue and the inside of my mouth were really black. I immediately assumed that the horseshoe crab I ate was full of ink. I vomited for most of that morning too. I had way too much food that I wasn’t used to and tiger beer.

So I just spent time with my friends and family. I was going around and visiting other family members. I can tell that they had never seen a black guy. I remember sitting on the porch in the morning and everyone passing by on the bike looking really close. Some smiled and waved in excitement.


As far as finding a girl for myself in Vietnam goes, it is very easy. Women are very blunt. Perhaps not the women themselves, but family and friends of the single girl. The neighbors were talking to me and bothering me the next morning when they saw me and met me for the first time. They kept pointing to their friend and neighbor who is my age and single. They would point at her and say, “She’s single !” The girl laughed and blushed. She owned a coffee shop. She sold Vietnamese ice coffee and things. I love Vietnamese ice coffee. A cup with a pot of tea to back it up only cost me 5000 dong. That’s 25 cents in US dollars. The woman herself? Well, I thought about it, but I just didn’t think she was pretty. She seemed nice but I just didn’t like the way she looked, really. Every day they bothered us, trying to hook us up. I only bought her coffee every day because it was right next door and I liked the way she made it.


Well, that’s all I will write about Vietnam for now. I have to bed. Other than that. Today was well. I meditated and exercised. I listened to Trump’s latest speech and I like it a lot. I haven’t slept well the past few days, but I think I am adjusted to the time now.

Take Care !


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