Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I am OK. 

So it is  end of the month. How am I doing so far? I think I am doing OK. I think I am doing just fine.  I have been keeping up with exercise. Though towards the end of the month, I slipped just a tad bit. I missed about two Krav Maga classes because of very little sleep and the last one I missed Saturday was just an obvious excuse. I had been working hard all that week. I haven’t had a Saturday off in a while, and I took advantage of not having to get up early on a Saturday. I slept in and I went nowhere all day. It felt great, but it did make sort of a boring weekend. 

So I will try not to miss anymore exercise and classes. I will amplify things thisa month.

I had been keeping up with learning code. I have been redoing assignments and studying the same lessons over and over. I’m reaching that goal of getting a front-end-developement certificate. I just have to be good at code. It’s 2017, you know. A person has to learn about computers. I’m not making any website it’s all me.

I have been keeping up with photography. I haven’t been keeping up with nightlife or shooting any models, though. I look for models here and there, but I can’t find anyone who wants to shoot. I will look for more, tonight. I want to find someone to shoot outside with before I head to Vietnam. 

Meditation is still going good. I never really miss a day, and on a lot of days, I do it for thirty minutes.

As far as women go, I decided not to approach any anymore. I do really need sex, though. I decided to let them approach me instead, but it hasn’t been happening. There is one girl I see on the bus on the way to work. I always think that she is beautiful . she has a really nice, big fat booty and I like her skin completion. I try to act like I don’t notice her. I think I’m doing a good job. We never really say “hi” to each other. I feel like she might be curious. I saw her on the way home from work. We were waiting for the same bus. An old lady started talking to me and was asking me for directions. I started talking to the o!d lady. The girl kept looking and watching me talk to the old lady. When we got on the bus, I saw her looking at me through my peripheral vision, like she wanted to say, “hi”, but I kept looking ahead and pretended like I wasnt paying attention or didn’t see. That whole absaervatiin could be wrong. The truth will come out if she ever says anything to me. 

Money wise, I am back to saving. I have been buying more clothes and things too because I need new clothes. I like browsing Amazon for clothes. I find nice clothes for a reasonable price.

Speaking of Amazon, I am becoming hooked on their TV shows. I watch them when I want to relax. ” Sneaky Pete” is a good one. I love “Red Oaks” too. I think it’s hilarious. I usually watch them on my off days. I need to relax a bit , you know. Having no sex is already a burden. All work and no play will just make me a robot. I’ll be miserable.


Take care ! 


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