Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I may miss my Krav Maga class. I woke up and left on time and all, but there are many roads blocked off because people are fucking whining about our new president, Donald Trump. I’m only irritated by it because, you see, those people are more like a road block to my success. I’m happy about it because we won–us doers. 

I listened to the inauguration late last night via YouTube as I exercised and prepared for today. I loved everything that he had to say. He said less talk more action, and they America with will come first, always. No country will punk us. We will not bother other countries. Countries will gravitate toward us only because we will shine again. 

I’m hypnotized by it. I think he is 100% right and I believe every word he says. I don’t talk about politics, much. I guess I pay attention to whatever I can. Deep down, I know I’m patriotic. 

I have the option of taking uber to class, but then again, I don’t because for some weird reason, uber isn’t working on my phone, and I don’t know how to fix the problem. I realized it didn’t work a couple days ago when I went out. I went out on Wednesday. It was so cold and rainy when I left the club. I tried waiting for the bus, but I decided to try uber. I was miserable because it was so cold, but I was stuck because the uber app is malfunctioning. I had to wait a long time for the bus, anyways. 

I ended up sleeping only two hours and then headed to work. Thanks my extra strong coffee and maybe Rhodiola Rosea, I felt just as normal. I had about three coffees that day. I like the way I make my coffee. I always use instant, but I have a really good quality of instant. I take about a spoonful or two then I put a coffee pack that I get from Chinese grocery markets, then I put about a half teaspoon of cinnamon, a bit of allspice and a bit of nutmeg, then I put a spoonful of honey. It’s amazing and will definitely wake you up. 

I had a long day that day because I went grocery shopping and then I had to walk to miles with a backpack and heavy grocery bags. That was a workout. Some high street roamer started talking crap to me on the way too. I ignored it though, because the dude was obviously mental and was about 10 years younger than me for sure. Plus he was high. 

The club was good that day. I really enjoyed myself. I didn’t talk to any girl. I had a minor incident in which I accidently wasted beer on a girl’s booty. I thought my bottle was nearly empty and I had it in my hand as I took my jacket off. The bottle tilted and spilled all over her butt because she was right behind me. She jokingly made a comment.


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