Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m OK. I had a good day at work, today. My coworkers weren’t all that bad, today. Honestly, I feel like I am the one who is being a little sensitive and mean. Anyways, I don’t want to write long. I wanted to write about the workout I did, today. It felt really good. It’s a little more challenging and harder if you do it with heavy bags and a partner, but it’s a good workout when done alone as well. It’s called “12 Days of Krav.” Do the following from 1-12, in that order. What ever number is next, you do that exercise and work your way down through the previous exercises. So it’s 1, then 2, 1, then 3, 2, 1 etc. You’re done when you work from 12 all the way down to 1.

1 straight punch
2 hammer fist
3 elbows
4 combo #4s (jab, cross 2 times)
5 squat kicks
6 knees
7 burpee-groin kicks
8 push ups
9 round kicks
10 back kicks
11 Gun from the front
12 360 defense.

I guess no one who doesn’t study martial arts or Krav will understand this workout, but hey, if you have an idea and can do some of this stuff, then there you go.

I did that, practiced some rolls, and I jumped rope for 15 minutes. It was a wonderful thing to do this morning.

Now that I am craving a big girl. I see huge sexy ones all over the place. I think I may approach the next one I see. I’m totally horny, which makes me a tad bit lonely, whecih makes me want to see that escort again.

I talked with my mom, yesterday. She really doesn’t like the kind of photos I take of the girls I do photoshoots with. She says it’s pornography. I don’t care what she thinks. My mom and I still are not close. She tries, but I am just not ready. I keep her at a distance. I still don’t trust or like my own mom.

Speaking of shoots. I have been thinking of the eye gazing exercise I want to do for 5 minutes before each shoot I do in that hotel. Maybe that request will creep some girls out? Who cares, the ones who says yes are the ones who I should care to shoot with anyways. We have the same minds if we agree to do stuff like that together.

I started looking for girls to shoot with at my place(none nudes) or outside. I am not having luck, yet, but hey, I only started looking yesterday.

I have been consistent with meditating 20 minutes when I wake up and for 10 minutes when I get off work. I hope it really does something for me. I want to succeed.

I noticed how it is difficult for me to maintain eye contact right away with my female coworkers. I catch myself and maintain it most of the time, I think. I will continue to work on this.


Take Care !




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