He was perfect. He wasn’t dressed in any particular or fancy way. He didn’t look fancy at all. He had a beard and a baseball cap. He seemed to be having fun. I was at the bar just enjoying it alone. I wanted to explore fancier bars in my attempt to upgrade the looks of the type of people I hang around. I want to meet really beautiful women and also see if I can find people who have connections to better parties than the ones I go to.

Last nights bar was the one I had chosen. It was different indeed. Nearly all the girls were beautiful. They had really amazing looking women there. I went in and I observed the place a little. It was too crowded to mover around with ease. The front bar was packed. I went to the back bar and I ordered a drink off the menu. The girl, who was beautiful(I haven’t seen a beautiful bartender in a while, by the way) mixed me up a strong drink. It was so strong that I wasn’t sure if I should have another drink after. I walked around the bar and observed the crowd and enjoyed the music. I watched the DJ. She was really beautiful as well.

I stood in places, I danced alone, a bit. People came up to me and introduced themselves and what not. Some people asked me to dance.  That’s another thing I like. People are friendly here. I observed a guy dancing with an OK looking blonde girl. He was drunk. He randomly told me that that is his kid sister. We chatted off and on.

So anyways, I don’t want to write long, this time, I’m just going to get to the point.

Back to the guy…

He wasn’t dressed in any particular way nor was he fancy, but…

He was talking to girl after girl. He was making out with girl after girl.

In one particular case, that I witnessed, a girl was dancing alone by herself. She may have had a little buzz going. I was sitting there and she was in front of me. I would have talked to her myself, by the way, but I didn’t feel like talking to anyone at that time. I was just there to drink and observe I guess. She was standing right in front of me and he came up to talk to her. Within one minute, they started making out. That’s how good he was.

He introduced himself to me. A beautiful girl saw him introduce himself to me and then she introduced herself to me. She went back to talking to him and he got her phone number.


Take Care !





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