Dear Journal,

How are you feeling?  As for me, I’m fine. I’m just breaking old habits. I’m doing my best to start the new year off right and stick with it. I’ve been doing my best at not letting people push my buttons. So far I am doing well. I’ve been keeping myself happy. I’ve been in a good mood and wanting to just smile at every one and wish them a happy new year. I have been smiling at people and saying the words. I don’t get the same in return. It just seemed like another normal day to most people. Most people looked scared or miserable or something and never said the same to me in return. They suck.

It doesn’t look like a lot of people are looking forward to the new year. It seems like people are making no effort at all and will continue to be their same ole crappy selves. Except for my Krav Maga class that I went to today. The teacher said start everything fresh and end the year strong. I feel the same way.

Why do I feel so good this year? Is it because I have stuck to last year’s written down goals of fine tuning myself and such? Is it because it is “The Year of The Rooster” and I am a Rooster? You know, this year I am looking forward to doing a whole lot better. I’m so glad I wrote all that stuff down on New Years Eve and printed it out. I’m glad I went to that staircase, alone, and had my beer like I used to those years ago. I’m glad I went to that party after and had the opportunity to socialize with two beautiful blonde girls and one Hispanic. She seemed really nice. She was really wasted though. One blonde girl I had taken a photo of is so beautiful that it touches my heart, and she came to talk to me !

I sent a girl I had met at a party a message on Facebook, yesterday. She agreed to go on a beautiful nature hike with me. We will see how that goes. I sort of don’t want to go with her because I don’t drive. From the bus, just to get to the hiking trial would be about a twenty minute walk, through a beautiful mansion filled neighborhood, where many beautiful women will be happy to smile and greet you as they pass you by on their horses. I’ve learned a few things about horses just by running into them and talking to them. Anyways, I can get an uber for us, but I don’t want to spend the money on that. I’m going to hold off on paid shoots and spending until I get back from Vietnam.

A model I had shot with sent me an email about how she was glad to shoot with me in 2016 and just wished me the best all year. I’m gullible and I really liked the message. I asked to shoot with her again, and she seemed very happy about it. I will just shoot with her at soon as I get back from Vietnam. I will do a none nude before I get back to those nude  shoots at the hotel. She is a really nice and interesting girl. I have always thought that. She is one of the girls I had originally did a nude shoot with in that hotel, and we had a really great shoot. I really thought she was nice and interesting when I saw that Abraham Hicks’s “Law of Attraction” book sticking out of her purse. That is right up my alley. Now I like her and I want to hug her tightly as I swing from left to right. I want to give her nurturing kisses.

Yeah…all that from one single email? Creepy or not?

She is a gorgeous girl, though–huge boobs and a big or OK enough butt. That’s what I wrote about as being the type of girl I really want to go for ! Maybe the universe is answering me.

Memo still wants to shoot I think. I thought of ditching her this year but why do that? Whatever my relationship is, now, it is my fault for never making a move when I knew she liked me.

Which reminds me; she can be the first girl I ask to do this soul gazing session with. I saw this video on YouTube, which I am going to post at the end of this. In the video, the woman mentions about how she is an actor and how they are told to look into each other’s eyes for five minutes before they act out their scenes. I really think this is a good idea to use at my shoots. For those girls I use in the hotel, before we start, we will look into each other’s eyes for five minutes. I don’t care of that is creepy or not, but something good has to come out of that. I mean…it has too.

Anyways, I feel like I wrote enough for now.

Take care and Happy New Year !


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