Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I am fine. Happy New Year ! Around this time last year, I had a really nice girl that used to talk to me via wordpress all the time. I’m sure one of my stories ran her off. Best wishes to her anyways.

So how is the new year starting for me? I spent the countdown alone. I wanted to. I was going to go to a bar, but I changed my mind. I felt the huge urge to tune into my introvert nature and I wanted to just have a beer at the stairwell that I used to have my pre-club drinks at when I had first started doing party photos around here. I had a beer at the stairwell and then I went to a party that I had been invited to. The party was OK. It was fun enough but it wasn’t amazing.

My old roommate was the main DJ. I danced on the dance floor. I noticed a girl dancing around me. She would dance with other guys but kept coming close to me. I knew she was checking me out and had eyes on me. I sort of guessed it at the time and I knew an introduction was coming. I had my camera on me. Two drunk guys saw it and asked for a photo. I took it. One guy asked to do a selfie with me, I did it. Then another. I did it. Then she came and asked me my name and such. Turns out they were all a group of friends. She introduced herself. I couldn’t see her goods because the place was so dark. She had a really gorgeous face though. And she was curious about me ! She is a 9 and above. And she was curious about me ! 😀

She had other girls with her. Eventually she stopped talking to me. One of her other girlfriends started talking to me. Things were going OK between us until she tried to give me her information. I couldn’t get a signal in the building, so I just told her to put it on my notepad. I think when she saved it, she saw all of my other saved notes because she suddenly said:

I have to ask you. What are “Trump Notes” about

I could have joked around and said I worked at the White House of something. I decided to keep it 100 and I let her know about how much of a huge supporter of Donald Trump I am and that the notes are from books of his that I am reading. She quit talking to me after and avoided me the whole night. I will never let politics come up in a situation like this again. But in the end, it may have been better to keep it 100 because I get sick of people who hate Trump

Other drunk girls talked to me. Nothing had a a make up session as an end result. I did really well at not going crazy with my camera.

That blonde girl who approached me was absolutely gorgeous, though. She had sparkling blue eyes and blonde hair !

Take Care




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