Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m OK. I had a fun and relaxing two days off work.  But we will not get into speaking about how my days went, today. Let’s talk about how the year went and if I had progressed at all. The good thing about writing to a journal online like this is that it is so easy for me to look back at things. I went to look back on what I had wrote around this time last year. Last New Year’s Eve was  normal day for me and I didn’t care to go out and do count down anywhere. This year, tonight, I am definitely going out.

Last year, on New Year’s Day, I went out for a hike in a very affluent area called Malibu for the first time. I had a bottle of wine with me. I read a law of attraction book and I told myself that I would fine-tune myself and things. I had no real plans. I just felt like I needed to tune things up. I guess that is all I had focused on. I think I spent a good amount of this year fine tuning things. I know I’m at least 5% better at doing a number of things. My diet: I have the discipline enough to make healthy food choices without following a diet. I’m just realizing how expensive following those diet plans are. I sure do appreciate eating good, though. I will do less diet plans this year while still being healthy.

My weight is still the same. I fluctuate between 155lbs and 165lbs. Today, I am 163. I’d like to keep it at 155, though. I had the same similarities last year. I weighed about 157 that day or more. I will be a little stricter with that this year.

Money wise, I got a 2 dollar raise. I’m not sure how I did savings wise. Of course I saved more, but I haven’t contributed to my IRA in about a month or so nor did I contribute to my investment accounts. I will be stricter with that too and learn more about money. Tony Robbin’s helped me a lot last year. This year, I will read Dave Ramsey’s book. I know it will help me a lot.

The girls: I approached a few more girls. I know I’ve done a lot more bold, day time approaches without being drunk. I had no success in finding a date or even just plain old getting laid, though. I had this exact same problem the year before. I’m still not sure what I want. And I have no definite type that I am attracted to. Maybe I should narrow that down, now.

Can I have a girlfriend? That would cost me time and money. Money on top of paying the girls I get to do those photoshoots with me. Money on top of what I put into savings, partying, dieting, and traveling. I just don’t think it would be wise for me to get a girlfriend at this point in my life 🙂 It will be OK for me to meet girls who are in similar situations to mine. In a nutshell, I just have to get better at the psychology of myself and the psychology of women. I’ll be more consistent and courageous with that.

What kind of women do I like?

Outer elements: I like huge natural boobs and I love a huge natural booty. I don’t want unequal proportions–no huge boobs with small asses or huge asses with small boobs. I’ll be fine with huge one or the other and an OK enough other  part.  Race? Russian, other white, Hispanic, or Asian on a scale of 1-10 in that descending order. Natural blondes and red heads are very attractive to me. Weight? I tend to be sexually attracted to bigger girl. They’re OK to just meet and do casual hook ups with  or be friends with, etc. Yeah…they’re OK for the situation that I am in now. Long term relationships with one may be tough though. I want to stay healthy. A bigger girl will want to eat a lot. I had a chubby roommate who wasn’t fat but she was chubby. I used to go to restaurants with her, often and she ate a lot. A Hispanic girl I was seeing before was bigger. Days after spending the night, when I would drive her home she wanted to go to a 7/11 all the time and get donuts and a hot dog. I don’t want to associate with a girl that will constantly stuff herself with things like that. I want to vibe with someone on my same wavelength, you know. Even if I am sexually attracted to a girl, there are just some girls I have to avoid. We’ll see how that goes. Soooo…I want the girl to be in average or athletic shape. Girls who party and do drugs are OK. I am with that scene, so, just so long as they don’t get  out of hand with it.Personality? I like weird girls. I like happy go lucky girls. I just get along with them better. That’s a quick list for me in a nutshell. I will stick with these requirements all year.

Spiritual things:

I improved on meditating quite a bit. I was way more consistent this year. I think I have meditated nearly every day for 20 minutes. I even started going to a meditation center and I have meditated in them for 2 hour sessions at a time with ease. I’m reading a book about a new topic I am interested in called Psycho-Cybernetics. I think it will help me. Instead of waking up in the morning and trying to do some kind of yoga or Bioenergetics, I will just shadow box. That’s important and it pretty much has the same affects. I will do that all year. I’ll get more into the meditation center and hang out with some of the people there and just grow more spiritually.


I will be more consistent with my Krav Maga class. I was pretty consistent this year, but the coming year, I will be even more consistent. And I will be more consistent at exercising.


I will continue to study photography and read more books about it and do more shoots and find the sexiest girls ever and keep experimenting with that. I will get front end developement certification on the website here. If I get the front end development certification way before the year ends, I will just get other certifications.


I will improve on family relations. I will send one gift a year. The past few years I have sent no one anything so that’s an improvement there.

So I am going out, tonight. What would I like to happen?

I want to have fun and relax without worrying about what people think. I want to be myself. I don’t want to judge anyone. I want to connect with a girl, so much that we dance together and make out.

Oh yeah, and I will learn Spanish via Duolingo and “Spanish for Dummies.” and I will dress better and buy more clothes

That’s all 🙂


Take care



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