Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I am fine, I think. I did it again, though. I did something that I had not done in a long time. Am I satisfied? I am mildly satisfied and slightly less horny.

I saw an escort. I refused to take it anymore. I didn’t enter anyone for about two years, I think.

At the end, she said it was very nice. I could tell it was nice to her. In the beginning, before we started, we laid in the bed together and talked and watched TV and she offered me weed. I took a few puffs. We got naked. She had really huge breast. She told me that guys have a hard time entering her. I told her that I could get it in just fine. She didn’t believe me. After cuddling for a while and after receiving a little bit of oral, I entered her, slowly be her request. If I would have entered to fast, it would have hurt her. The process was slow.Eventually, I was completely in there and she seemed to be in joy. I felt her liquid splashing between us. Sometimes she would lock her legs around me and pin me down tightly for a few seconds as she was shaking.

At the end, she said:

that was really nice

I no longer have the shame about doing this that I had all those years ago. I felt like that was an acceptable solution to a need I had. I guess this is something that I may have to do sometimes until I get skilled at dating women.

Take Care !


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