Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I was a little down today, but I am fighting. I have been thinking about my job, mostly. I really have to get back to 3rd shift. I knew I should never have asked to switch.

Today hasn’t been a good day at all. Not until I got home and got my beer and ate and sat in front of this computer. The most annoying thing that can possibly happen is if the internet just goes out like it does sometimes. Luckily, it hasn’t.

I went had a hard time getting to the post office, today. I got off at the wrong stop twice and I had to walk for about 40 minutes. That took away a huge chunk of my time. Once I made it to the post office, in the middle of filling out my passport application, the lady told me to come back tomorrow because the lady who does the passports had left for the day. I was very pissed off and annoyed. I just left without a fuss.

On the bus going to the grocery store, like I originally planned, I noticed a girl that I was attracted to starring at me. I starred back for a sec and then looked away. I observed her for a minute. I didn’t have the courage to say anything on the spot so I just decided to wait until she got off the bus. That’s a mild form of following. lol. I skipped the stop that would have gotten me to the grocery store. Luckily her stop was the same stop I would use to get home. I hesitated, but I eventually pat her on the shoulder and let her know that I was interested in her. Midway through my attempt, I could tell that she wouldn’t be interested. She just told me she had a boyfriend. I said I respect that and walked away to a grocery store I buy small things and snacks at. That one broke my heart because she is my type, you know. But hey, at least I tried.


Take Care !



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