Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well. I guess it did. I had to wake right up and go to work. I went out last night. I just couldn’t take another weekend of me staying in. I went to a really good party. It was an underground warehouse party. I drank a lot, too. So I see I am officially back to drinking. I felt really horrible today because of it.

The party was fun. We played punk rock and dubstep electronic music. I had my camera with me, so I took a bunch of photos even though I was in the middle of the crowd and being pushed around with all the rest of the drunk guys.

I wanted to talk up some girl. I talked to one, but she rejected me. She would not give me her number. She gave me her YouTube channel.

I felt like an idiot for going out, and being a fool  being drunk and all, but the photos I got look amazing ! I’m glad I went out and took them.

An old Russian friend who ignores me, now, followed me back on Instagram. I hope that it meant something. I want to see her again, and I also want to photoshoot with her again. She used to be pretty, but thewthew drugs she is doing now is taking it away. I can see the anger and pain and I want to photograph it. I can make myself look like a

desperate loosed and ask to photograph her again. But I think she is done with me.

I wonder why this other Russian girl in followed me on Instagram. I in followed her back, which is lame because I always want to see what she is up to.

I’m still thinking of my shoot. I wonder what my shoots are like from a girl’s perspective. The last girl was very comfortable, it seems. At the end of the shoot, she looked at me, sincerely, and said that she hope I have some really great photos. She is a very smart and intelligent and mature girl.

I don’t know what kind of girl I want to find next.


Take Care !



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