Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As  me, I’m fine. Today is going by well. I am just leaving Krav Maga class and I am going to go home. Class was easy, today. There is a belt test coming up so we were just reviewing for that. I will not be doing the test this time because In feel like I am not ready.

I didnt work today. I slept for a longer time and I got up to meditate and have breakfast and such. I exercised a little and I spent some time editing that girl’s photos. I only sent her five of them. I think I sent her a good five. The rest, I am keeping for myself and for the book. I didn’t give her the ones that shows her the really dirty stuff.

Our shoot did turn out to be really good. We have amazing photos. I still can’t figure out why, even though I shoot in the same place all the time, the photos look so different for each girl. I think I did a lot better with this girl. She looked a lot better as well. I’m not all in love with her like I was with the last girl. The last girl and I bonded a lot better. It’s hard to say who looks better. The last girl had a beautiful big ass that I loved. She was very juicy. Our conversation was immature. We both loved the same parties and she told me stories about her LSD trips that I loved. We talked a lot.

I don’t think this last girl and I bonded as well. She was relaxed and comfortable, but she was mature. She isn’t a party girl. She absolutely loves get her photo taken though. She did not want to stop taking photos. I was done taking photos before she was ready to stop. Maybe we did bond, but I was too nervous to notice it and enjoy it. I was nervous. She was more relaxed than I was. I got so nervous that I just flat out told her:

I am not relaxed.

She smiled and said:

OK, relax

As she laid on the bed.

During some moments of the shoot, I was stuck in pure passion. I was so lost in it that instead of making request, I was giving commands when I saw things about her that I liked.

Don’t move !

I can remember saying when she was in a position that I liked. She laughed at the way that I said it.

She was a good model. She was really there and was willing to do anything. Nothing seemed to be off limits. I thought that some of the poses I wanted would gross her out, but they didn’t seem to bother her and she did them. I wanted a straight shot of her boobs. Her only response was:

How do you want me to hold them?

She grabbed them in various ways. They were huge and bouncing and moving as she asked:

Like this?

I am often afraid to request certain things. But with these kinds of shoots, nothing is off limits. Maybe they really appreciate the money.

Yeaaahh…paying is not a problem. Heck, Helmut Newton paid and he is a legendary big name photographer. I can work on my seduction skills elsewhere.

Speaking of that, I plan on doing photos at the tourist area at the beach. I plan on just asking a girl I see that I like there to do a shoot on the spot. I don’t think I am afraid to.


Take care !



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