Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I slept in the hotel. Don’t get too excited, though. I slept alone. I did the shoot. I observed my thoughts. Of course there was some degree of attraction and dirtiness in them, even when I tried to ignore them. The thoughts are natural and can’t be helped. This girl is a 13 and we’re aloialoine and doing nude shoots together; of course there is attraction to be sparked even if I didn’t want it. 

Never the less, we had a great shoot. I haven’t seen them on the big screen yet, I am just looking at them through the camera. I shoot in the same place all the time, but each time I shoot, I do something different. This time we did two different things. We used the hotel hallways and did nude shoots in them. They were fun, sneaky, and naughty. We couldn’t talk loud because we didn’t want anyone to hear us and come out. We whispered and used sign language. We then did nude shots in the shower. Those were so cool. I’m sure those are really cool ! 

As far as connecting goes, I’m not sure if we did. I tried not to compare her to the last model. I played the same music, but it just wasn’t the same. Maybe that’s what bothered me. She didn’t understand my English that well. She had a heavy Russian accent. At one to time, as we were listening  to The Weekend, I told her that he has explicit lyrics. For some reason, she just said OK and then pulled her boobs out. I guess she understood “explicit” and that’s it. 

I’m somewhat satisfied with the shoot. There just seems to be something missing, though. My past shoots used to last for hours and it was all just fun. These days I’m more worried and serious, I guess.

Anyways, take care Journal


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