Dear Journal,

Hoiw are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today is OK, so far. I have a bit of a funny story. Some shoes I had ordered came in the mail. I. Am wearing them, now. They are comfortable, but they are not what I thought they were. I thought they were adidas. They are not adidas. They are Chinese made shoes that copy adidas very very closely. It was a good trick. 🙂 I’ll make good use of them anyhow. They are running shoes.

I had a hard time getting home from the airport last night. It kind of messed up my plans for the morning. So I couldn’t exercise like I wanted. I only had the time to run for 10 minutes. I prepped food for two days, because I will sleep at work. I meditated for twenty minutes and I tidied up the room a bit. It’s not clean, though. I guess I will finish that tomorrow.

Last night, before I got on the plane, I called the hotel to reserve the room for the girl and I. I listened to music on the plane as I looked at some of her photos and I visualized us having a really good shoot. I came up with a bunch of ideas as I listened to a song by The Weekend called “the zone.” The timing is right for this girl and I. She is going back to the Czech Republic the following day, I think. I caught her just before she’s leaving ! She’s gorgeous, and her boobs are huge. I love the fact that she’s Eastern European. We will make incredible photos I’m sure. Our shoot will be great.

Did I already tell you that it’s been maybe two months since I have drank alcohol. I feel really great about it. I’m not sure if I will cheat with a beer before the shoot. Maybe?

I guess my ex date is not that excited to see me, oh well. She randomly messaged me saying she has something to say, but never agreed to a date to meet up. I wont sweat it.


Take Care !



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