Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today is going well. I’m still not that comfortable being here with my mom. Next time, I will just get a hotel and just come swing by and say hi, and all. I’m not sure why I am not comfortable. I always worry about her yelling. She seemed to be doing it less than she did last year. Or maybe I’m just a person who likes staying in his own world. Overall, this vacation has not been enjoyable. Last year, I certainly made it more enjoyable. I even found a girl to do a photoshoot with. This year, I’m a little less adventurous. I’ve mainly been concerned with collecting old images of mine so that I can use them for a book and I’ve also been concerned about learning code and finishing Ruby.

I’m constantly thinking about stuff back home. I love my lifestyle and my hobbies, but I hate my job and the people  in it. There is absolutely no positive energy coming from anyone in that place and it doesn’t pay well, but hey. I have to do what I have to do. I’m not sure how to go about finding something new. Maybe I’m afraid to find something new. The perks about this job is that they always need people. The only way that I can possibly loose this job is if the entire company closes down. I do have to find something that’s more aligned with my passions, though. I’m not sure how I will find a photography job. I can only hope that the book I make does a lot of sells then things will spark from there.

Coding is another option. I can just continue to dive in a learn it to the fullest. I hope I am not looking at it as a back up plan, though. The main reason I studied it was so that I can make my website. I will have it up in January. I’m proud of myself for being able to build one from scratch, though.

I emailed the stripper I met a while ago about doing a photoshoot with me. I’m not sure if she will respond.


Take Care !



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