Dear Journal,

How you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I was reading a book just now and I decided to pull this out and write because the author of the book presented a question that is significant to me. The author asked, 

What is it you are chasing after?

Every self help book ask this question, so I guess it is something to ponder about. I’ve tried pondering on this before. I wanted to write about it because I feel it may help me. So I will take a moment to think before I write.

Well, without thinking too hard…I know I like girls and I know that I want to make a deep connection with a lot of them. There’s a beautiful girl sitting next to me right now on this bus. She has big brown eyes. She’s white. I’m holding my tablet close to me so that she doesn’t peek at what I write. I saw her looking at the tablet once. I wish I knew what kind of scenario to make with her at the moment. I don’t have my camera with me, so what kind of connection cannbwe make at this point? I’m not sure if I should go for a date, so I just choose to remain quiet. If she never ask me a question, I will just remain quiet.

Yeah, so that’s it. I like girls.I am after girls. I am after women. But why am I after women? Because I like them? Because I have never really had the lifestyle that I would like to live with them? How can I make money off of my passion for women?

Hmmm..I guess the pick up artist community is one way, but I don’t see myself being passionate about teaching guys how to get women. I want my connections to be pure and natural, and not just about sex(so I think?). And overall, so far, I just don’t want to be known for making money off of giving dating advice, so to sum this portion all up, I know I’m after more women.

I’m after a photography career. I already know why I like photography. So I guess it’s really natural that I would really love to make a career out of photograpohing women all the time. 

Those are the two main things that I am after. I will right more on this later, but I will stop for now since I have figured this out.

Take care !


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