Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I am fine. I amnjust sitting here on a bench in the middle of the city. I am ready to go to my Krav Maga class. I am way early, actually. I came here early so that I can hit the heavy bag before class. I am a but too early for that, even. So I am giving myself about 20 minutes so that I can write this post.

Today is going by well. I have been really relaxed and I am feeling really great. It’s that ginseng. I woke up this morning and I went right to work. After work, I worked out in a park that is not far from where I work. I did push ups and sit ups.

I have been thinking of my photoshoots. Next time I do one, I have this one girl who would be really down to do it I am sure, but I want to ask that stripper I met again. She was OK with doing it until I had shown her photos of the last girl. I don’t know how women think, but based off the last girl I shot(who was very insecure about her big butt); she was scared to show up, she told me because the other girls looked skinnier and healthier. This stripper girl seems to be more insecure than her, even. So I am going to send her a really sincere message asking her again–lettting her know that I need her because I do. I am sure she will say, “yes.” I really want to shoot with her.

Last thing. My coworker is really annoying. I hate that we work in the same office. She lives and breaths negativity. All I did, today, was tell her that I bought some shoes off ebay, then she responded with some crap story about how I need to be careful because people are posting fake links on ebay and stealing peoples money. I told her that the shoes already came. She responded with, well you better hope the post office doesnt send them back. Un-fucking-believable. And she wonders why I am so quiet in the office.


Take Care !


One thought on “11/17/16

  1. Wow, your co-worker has some issues. But I sort of agree with her about ebay. Not entirely because I never heard ebay doing that before, but personally, I don’t trust that site. Hehehe…


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