11/13/16 Part 2

I’d just like to continue with the story because I didn’t quite finish.

Did you read it? So yeah, that’s how the story played out in my head, but it wasn’t true. I did see the girl on the bus. She was really absolutely gorgeous. But I never approached her for a photo. I didn’t know if I should in front of all of those people. I was afraid. I did tell my self the usual. And the usual did happen. She got off before I did. Now the whole thing is just a fantasy that I may get a model to act out. Or, I really feel that I would challenge myself and approach a prettier girl for that photo. It may turn out to be better than I thought. I was hurt, though. I should have asked her. It didn’t hit me hard until I got home. I thought of the situation while I was cooking.

I was just leaving the meditation center. I went to a different location this time. I meditated for the whole two hours, and I was heading to the grocery store.

Something really interesting happened at the grocery store. I was there doing some grocery shopping. I turned a corner, and at soon as I turned, a woman started saying something to me. I took off my headphones so that I can hear her. She started talking to me in full on Spanish

Something something …hombre

OK…buy her body language and the whole look on her face and from all those dual lingo lessons, I quickly got what she was saying. She was bluntly saying that she needs a man.

Uh…a man?

Is what I said back after being snapped out of my confusion. She smiled and said “yes” and started asking me questions about the bread. Nothing happened though. I answered her questions and continued with my shopping. She continued with hers.


Take Care !



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