Dear Journal,

There she was. I thought she was absolutely stunning. She had a really pretty face and she had really beautiful lips. I could feel the stars popping out of my eyes, immediately when I saw her. I looked down at my book after noticing her. I thought to myself,

I have got to ask her to shoot, right now !

I told myself to do it. I was going to wait on luck and do the classic thing I always do, which is wait until we get off on the same stop, then it’s meant to be. But all the failed times, I’ve had with that method(girls usually get off before I do) I told myself not to wait on that, and to just ask her in front of all of these other girls that were on the bus. 

I think you look stunning, and I’d love to be able to take photos someday.

She laughed.

Thank you ! Are you really a photographer?

Yeah, I do photoshoots with people from time to time. I meet girls online a lot, honestly, but I love when I meet someone like this, and it’s genuine/immediate, if you know what I mean.

She laughed.

Do a photo right now !

She said playfully. 

I can actually see one right now. I was thinking about it.

I started directing her in front of all these people and she was totally having fun and being comfortable with it. The shot that I envisioned, and that we did was amawanted Luckily there wasn’t too many people on the bus. It was really cool ! 

She said that we could shoot at her place, right now, if I wanted. I agreed and we we ended up doing an entire shoot on the spot !


Take care !


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