Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today is going by as planned. I am on the train an am coming back from grocery shopping. I travel an hour and something away from where I live just to get cheap organic food room an ethnic store, and I think it is well worth it. The quality of the food I get is amazing and it doesn’t cost much. I mean the quality of the food I get is really really amazing. I love the meat. I also love the vegetables. I can get huge juicy tomatoes for 79 cents a pound. medium ones cost about 59 cent a pound, for example.

I woke up this morning and I meditated. I bought two pairs of shoes online. I’m trying to get used to buying clothes online off of stores like ebay and such. I had coffee.I went on a 35 minute jog and I practiced a little krav maga. Speaking of Krav Maga, I went to class yesterday for about three hours. I went to the class really early, yesterday to hit the heavy bag we have there and to practice some aside kicks before class. One class started after I got done, and that lasted an hour. Another class started right after. The later class is always the hardest. The main teacher likes to work out hard. That’s probably 50% of why my body is shredded, now. That class lasted an hour. Yeah, so after practicing that this morning, I had breakfast, took a shower, and I had another cup of coffee as I learned more Ruby. It seems pretty easy so far. The syllabus said that the class is nine hours, so I am planning on doing an hour a day to be done in nine days. I hope it worst out that way. I really will have my website up by the new year.

After that, I just headed out the store to go gocery shopping. I’ve been chatting with the girl via facebook throughout my days, just trying to get he to meet. She seems legit and excited. I think she’s aiming to be friends and I will be OK with that. The reason I think she is aiming to be friends is because, yeah, I see she is excited, but not that excited. I don’t know. It’s just something about her not coming up with a follow up date on days that she can’t make it. Not being one to waste time, I asked her to come outside, today for example. She said she couldn’t because she just lost her dog and she is looking for it. She didn’t say how about such and such day. I thought of just leaving it at that, but I just thought that I should test her ”weirdness” I invited her to meditate with me on Sunday for 2 hours. I know she is the type of girl that would love things like that. In fact, these type of girls are the only kind that I have really gotten along with and have had extended relationships with, come to think about it. I’m not sure why i am not really recognizing this until, now. Memo, a girl I used to use as a model, was spiritual. She is an empath, too. She loved being around me. We did about 5 photoshoots, together–all very intimate ones. I didn’t ask her to get naked, though 🙂 I’ve been spiritual, by spiritual I mean looking for and practicing things in order to find peace and happiness, and self improve. I have been into these things for half/most of my life. naturally, when I meet these kind of girls, I am very at ease and we click. So, that’s a solution for me, dating wise. These girls don’t care to do sexy photos butt naked, though, so they’re no good for THAT kind of art that I am interested in these days. Sure they’re OK to photograph, in general, though. This current girl has hair that is longer than anyone’s and she often wears it in a long thick braid.

Anyways, if I see her again, I do; if I don’t, I don’t. It’s no big deal. I just want someone to connect with and be able to talk to. I’m not sure why  didn’t continue that with Michelle, another sort of spiritual girl I approached at a party.

I am almost home. When I get there, I will do push ups and sit ups, cook, and a little more coding. I haven’t had alcohol for maybe a month, now. Should I give in?

Take care !



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