Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today and the past few days that I haven’t written to you have gone by pretty well. I’ve been eating healthy as hell by following meal plans on DietPoint, and I’ve been keeping up with my exercise plans. I’m on the way to my Krav Maga class, now. Today we fight ! I have been exercising and shadow boxing all week, so I should be able to kick some ass.

My meditation sessions have been consistent. I’m not so good at doing them at night. The first thing I want to do when I get home , usually, is cook. Damn I enjoy the meals I cook. They look good and they taste good. I just like relaxing when I get home from work. I’ve been studying code a lot every day after work. I am getting a better understanding of it. I plan on building my website and putting it back up on January 1st. 

My dating life is going like it supposed to. I think it’s best to just work on myself and let things take their coarse. I have been listening to dating podcast a lot during the times I cook and eat my meals. One is pretty funny and interesting. It’s called “Knocking Boots Podcast.” I listen to about twqo others, but I don’t remember their names. I listened to one and it had a guest on the show named Paul Janka. He seems to be authentic. I may look into his program.

One of my models still seem to be interested in me, but I haven’t asked her out or anything. I know she wants to hang out. I may consider just tag teaming on a shoot with her. She’s a good photographer, too. She wanted to do this before but I flaked because work was killing me. I’m sure she was hurt by this. She is kind of sensitive. I’ll think about what to do with her.

I approached a girl at the bus stop about half an hour ago

Ummm…excuse me. I hesitated to say thus for a while, but I find you attractive

She laughed and smiled and said “thank you.”

I figure that a compliment would make anyone’s day, so at least I was giving that to her. She kept playing with her cell phone, so I took it as rejection. I asked her a question or two and she would answer and then keep playing with her cell phone. I figured that at least I put it out there. The rest is up to her a little. I did this with the last girl I approached. I said kind of the same thing. I got quiet to see if she would chase, and she did. The last girl didn’t, so I left it alone. 

The Russian girl I did a shoot with a year ago, surprisingly, stopped following me on Instagram. I couldn’t believe that I could ever offend her. I’m sure it’s because my Instagram is a constant post of naked white women. Something about that bothers her. She has never done a nude shoot. Maybe because she is married and her husband will not approve. In my observation, I wonder if she did this out of jealousy or disgust? 


Take care !


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