Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well. It didn’t rain and I decided to stay in. I had a very relaxed day. I lost two pounds since I last weighed myself yesterday. I’m predicting that by tomorrow, I will be down another two pounds. This blood type diet feels really good. I’m also drinking a lot of tea. I bought a tea that I had noticed at the store. It’s a box of thyme tea. It taste really good. It’s just dry thyme really. I get the  feeling that if I just bought thyme on my own and sat it in the teapot with hot water that I will not have the same effect.

I also exercised and I went on a sort of 30 minute relaxed run. I did yoga and I meditated. I took bee pollen. I do see a world of difference in my skin and my looks. I think I look a lot better.

I’m at a week so far with my decision not to drink. The last two beers I got are still in my fridge and the half bottle of vodka is still under my computer desk. I think I can do my nightlife fun stuff without drinking. So far, I’m telling myself that I will have a can of beer before my nude photoshoots in that hotel, and that I will make exceptions if a girl wants to drink with me. My goal is to be fully committed to not drinking and doing drugs, though. I totally disbanded this belief once I  heard it from mentors I listen to, but I can see that they’re right. I shouldn’t drink and do drugs.

I edited some photos, today. I like the edit process that I am sticking with for the naked girls. I’m thinking of the name of the book:

“A Party Full of Girls”

Seems like an OK title. I am thinking of others:

“A Party Full of White Girls”

“Who Was David Edwards”

I know that when I get done with these girls, I will go back to a series that I had thought of before. I named it “Barely There Swimwear.” I was inspired one day when I was just walking around taking photos of a city that I like.I ran into a swimsuit store that was named “Barely There Swimwear.” I made friends with the owner, I think. She was just someone’s housewife that had a small boutique store on her own. I told myself that I loved the name of the store and that I would just find girls and buy them swimsuits–provocative swimsuits–swimsuits that are “Barely There.” That woman didn’t seem to like the idea. I didn’t quite tell her, so she didn’t really know what was going on. Maybe she just thought I was some pervert. She asked me if I slept with those girls(I did not, by the way), and she made small comments here and there wondering why I always used the skimpiest swimwear instead of the other suits she had. None of the girls are nude in this series of photos, but the next time I do it, it will be NASTY.

As far as women in my life are concerned, I wonder why some of them leave. I had an online friend for 10 years, we even text each other, and such, suddenly she quit talking to me. She’s been with the same boyfriend the whole time. I had a friend that I met here that I thought was an OK person, but she ignores me now, too. I’m not sure why the women who leave bother me so much because there are women who care a lot and who stay. I should just think about them. Annndd…I think I have the confidence to approach girls without being drunk. I am in process of seriously working on my dating life. I don’t know how this sounds but I want my growth in my skills with women to show up in my photos; like if I am a confident guy, it will show up in my photos.

Anyways, that’s all I will write for now.

Take Care !

Barely There Swimwear



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