Dear Journal,
How are you feeling?As for me, I’m fine. Today is going by well. I had the discipline to force myself oout of bed this morning for Krav Maga class. It was diffiult, but I made it. My body and mnd was fighting so hard for me to stay home and stay in bed, though. I would hae felt horrible had I stayed because I have no excuse. I didn’t go out yesterday, so I had plenty of energy. One embarrassing thing about Krav class is that I fart sometimes in class and it’s embarassing. I ate a lot of cereal last night, so that’s what’s making me fart. The smartest thing for me to do is buy ome kind of gas pills. I gained ten ounds wthing the last month? Three weeks? That’s because I haven’t been dieting. I tried just buying my own food and makng my best attempt to keep it healthy, but that just doesn’t work for me. I can never live normally, I see. I have to always follow some knd of diet regimem, which is what I have went back to. I’m doing a blood ype based diet, now. I should loose about 3 pounds this week. I am O positive. 
Yesterday went by well as well. I got lucky an something interesting happened. I forced myself out of bed, though I wanted to sleep in, and I went to the meditation center. I came 10 minutes late, but I didn’t miss anything because there was a woman there teaching some yoga that she wanted us to practice dring the 2 hour meditation. We did yoga and sitting meditation. The yoga felt awesome. She gave out booklets that explained everythingwe did so that we can remember the routine. Great ! So I have someting else to use for my morning routines. I wanted to do it this morning, but I lost some time to do anything because I struggled to get out of bed–the snooze button, but at least I had time to meditatae 20 minutes. I will do it tomorrow. It actually has similarities to bioenergetics, so I will alternate days. I wonder which one actually will feel better to me.
I didn’t get the chance to go out and take photos like I wanted to, yesterday. Right after meditation, I went grocery shopping. Right after grocery shopping, I came home and cooked a lot. i needed cod fish but the store didn’t have any, so I bought some weird fish called sturgeon, instead.  I hope it’s not nasty. I will have it for dinner, tonight. 
The gay girls arethrowing their party, tonight, but I am not going. It still has ben going through my head, but I will stay away rom them or a while. I’m going to slow down with artying in general and focus on just dating and talking to girls for a while. I also want to mae some trips to New York to find awesome people and parties. I am really going to start that next year. 
Speaking of stayng away, I notice that some women friends that I have just stop talking to me out of nowhere and I am not sure why. Do I ome of s being too fake? DIshonest? Anyways, I’ll figure things like this out through time.
Take Care !




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