Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine, I guess. I’m worried or something. I feel like shit, today. I went out last night. I was going to go to a night club, but some people that I haven’t seen in a while told me about a house party that they would be at, so I went there instead. I wanted to be comfortable and be wasted. I haven’t been able to be at that level of fun in a while. On the way there, I bought a bottle of Jack. It fell out of my bag and busted on the ground so I was really ticked about that. That was the start of a bad night.

Well, the night wasn’t so bad. Friends gave me drinks at the party.

I think I should stop drinking. Nothing bad happened, but I’m tired of waking up feeling a certain way after I have drank a bit. I’m tired of seeing half full alcohol bottles in my room. I think I can save a lot if I didn’t drink. I mean, I do save money regularly, so what am I supposed to do with my fun money? Have fun, right? But drinking just feels irresponsible. I was tipsy and I was horny. I get very sociable when I am drunk. My interactions feel wrong. Maybe I’m just paranoid. I am sure I can save more money by getting rid of alcohol and I will be a lot healthier.

So the next time I go out, I will try not to drink. That will be hard…I guess I will just stay away from 40% alcohol.

Take care !





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