Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well. I woke up very early in the morning even though I didn’t want to so that I could go to Krav Maga class. It was tempting to skip it so that I could stay in bed, but I got up and headed out the door. I’m always glad when I make it. Today was a good class. Oh wait, I just remembered some stuff.

Sooo…class was normal. We learned some moves. I seem to be doing well in class. I was partnered with an attractive girl, today, though. She’s been in class for as long as I’ve been in class. I think she liked me at one point, and that’s a huge “I think” because she came up to me smiling and talking and asked me a random question about my job. We used to partner with each other all the time back then. She’s a pretty chill girl. She’s soft…in personality and in the physical. She’s not fat, but she is thick and fluffy. She has a big ass and huge boobs. I try to ignore this stuff when we are grappling or while she is on top of me and we’re practicing some move. Today, her breast fell in my mouth. But it wasn’t a significant thing. I’ll actually consider being in a relationship with this girl if it ever comes up.

I looked up an old model that I shot with not too long ago. Actually, I’ve been looking up a few models to see if they have posted any of my work. None of them have 😦  but, maybe it’s because they believe in the book so they’re keeping everything secret until the book comes out. What should I name that book. I know the same of the second book I want to do after that. Anyways, so I looked this one girl up and I noticed that she has been published in a lot of magazines. I can’t believe I shot with her.

I think I may have overreacted about my girl last night. I will continue to hang with them and do photos of them. A part of me just wants to stop, though. Maybe it’s because I have been hanging around them and no one else.Tonight, I will go to a dance club alone and try to meet new girls for a change. I’m going to my favorite club.

Take Care !



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