Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I feel very very wonderful. I feel so wonderful that I was walking down the street with the biggest smile on my face. I had my head very high up and my chest sticking out. If this is how photoshoots make me feel then I must make this a permanent job, quickly. She was a really wonderful girl. She is beautiful. She was freaking sexy. I mean, when I first laid eyes on her, she didn’t look that good because she was wearing sunglasses. When she took her sunglasses off, she looked better. Once I saw her big booty, she was given ten more points. Once I noticed her personality and how easy going she was she was given more points. I really appreciate her. At one point I made her grab on to a high bar and hold on so that I can take a photo of her hanging big booty. I hang on to the bar easily, but I never knew that a woman can be so physically weak. She couldn’t even hang on. The bar was really high, too. had she fell, she would have hurt herself, but she did it. I really liked that.

She told me all kinds of party stories and I thought they sounded really awesome. I loved her stories. I’m considering shooting with this girl again, but I don’t have time. I must move on. My goal is 13 girls and she was only number 3.

The rest of my day is going by well. I woke up really early and went to Krav Maga class. I exercised and meditated in a park afterwords and then I went to the library. Now I am at work. I will go a party with the gay crew, tonight. The girl who loves getting her photo taken has a solo dance show so I will get a lot of great photos and make them special for her.

Take Care !



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