I want to shoot with you ! I’m not twig skinny like the girl’s you’ve shot in the past. I have an ass.

Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I am blessed and am in love at the moment. She was actually intimidated by the girls that I had shown her I shot. I didn’t read her message that way. I actually interpreted it as her bragging about her ass, and I loved it. I looked at photos of her ass, online. I just didn’t see it. I was thinking to myself, “I don’t see a big ass. That’s a small ass.” But, boy was I wrong. She had shown up and I met her outside. She was fully clothed, unlike the others. They usually show up wear nothing–just a naked body under a skirt. But she was fully clothed–overly clothed if you ask me.

I had time to browse around and drink and think this time. The week was pretty rocky as far as communicating with the models go. First there was the sparkling eyed big boobed blonde girl. I ended up deciding to shoot her at another time because of the message I got above 🙂 I communicated with the big assed girl via email for a few times. I was afraid and I misread her tone. She seemed like she would be a pain, so I thought the shoot would be boring. Then I started to worry that she would just flake out. I kept thinking about it and thinking about it. I don’t know why I worry about that so much, because as long as there is money involved, it never happens. But I always worry about it. It has only happened to me once, finally, today.

So back to this girl. I flaked on her, and I sent her a message saying we wouldn’t be able to shoot. I flaked on her because I was afraid she wouldn’t show up, and I got a message from a new girl who seemed really down for the shoot. This new girl was beautiful. She had a big ass and big boobs and sparkling blue eyes and blonde hair. I was excited. She was really down for the shoot. She sent me a few text, yesterday.

But was it something I said? I waited on her at the hotel and she never showed up. I tried not to let myself get upset. I sent her a nice text saying that blah, blah, blah, and that I understand. I laid in the room thinking of what to do. The first thing I did was message the girl with the big ass. She responded and told me to wait 20 minutes to see if she would be able to. After waiting for about 30, I figured that she will not be coming. I decided to take a nap because I was tired. I thought to myself that the best thing that I could do was just meet a girl in the streets or at a party and just ask her to shoot. I told myself that I would hit the streets after my nap. I also thought of calling the lady who gave me her phone number last week for a possible date. I told myself that I would do all of these things after my nap.

Just as I made up my mind and I got comfortable in the bed, the girl text me saying that she would be able to come. I woke up and put on clothes and decided to have coffee and beer and I called that woman who gave me her number last week, but she didn’t answer.I sent her a text to about getting together soon, but she never responded. I guess I shouldn’t have waited so long to call. Usually, when I wait more than five days to call a girl, she is no longer interested I guess. Anyways, the girl came to the hotel an hour later. We got along really really well without effort. We got along better than any of the models that I had shot with. She was so relaxed and chill. We talked and talked and talked. She told me a cool story that I loved about her being on LSD at the last big party she went to. The story sounded really amazing, I loved it. I love hearing party stories from girls.

We not only used the room for the shoot. We shot in different places in the hotel. We shot in the bathroom. The photos were coming out amazing. She got naked in the bathroom and we took really cool photos there. Then we went to the room and did all kinds of crazy photos. We both decided to listen to slow songs by The Weekend and Drake. That really made the photoshoot fun. I remembered the idea about us getting under the sheets together and doing photos. I told her this, half way. I sort of hinted on it. She said yes, and naturally explained the rest of the idea that I had in my head. The bed is huge and it is very comfortable. I had her lay down during one of the shots and she started to fall asleep because she was very comfortable. With the slow music playing and her voice dying out and the silence between us as I focused on the shot at that moment made it really…just awesome. It started to turn me on, but that’s nothing new. I get turned on during shoots sometimes. I showed her the shots that I had taken of her while she was sleep between the sheets and she loved all of them

I really really loved this shoot. It was the best I had done. Other than that. I had a good day. I meditated and exercised when I woke up. I went grocery shopping. I really had a wonderful day.

Take care !



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