p1010582Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well. I skipped Krav Maga class because I wanted to rest because I spent a lot of time cleaning. I was listening to a Bible lecture as I was cleaning. I’m still reading the Bible, and I am nowhere near being done. I just got done with the book of Job, and now I am in the middle of “The Psalms”. I was listening to a lecture from a guy I like to listen to on the book of Job. Now, I’ve never been taught the Bible. My family was not religious, at all, so a lot of the stories are some that I have never heard of. I have always been curious about dinosaurs, and I’ve been wondering if they were ever mentioned in The Bible. I was glad to see that one was described in the book of Job. So, yeah, that answers my question about dinosaurs.

So, today, when I woke up, I meditated, I did Bioenergetic stretching, I worked out and practiced Krav Maga on my own a little, I had coffee, I bought breakfast, and I looked at photos of this model that I might shoot with this Friday. Let me look again…

Yes, she is a very beautiful girl. She has blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, she is in shape or has a decent body, at least, and she has huge beautiful natural breast. I can’t wait to shoot. If, somehow, we don’t end up shooting this Friday, I will go and finally buy my ticket to Vietnam. I still haven’t bought it.

On the way to work, I noticed a woman coming to the bus stop that I was waiting at. I was checking her out a bit because I noticed she had big breast too, and she had blond hair. From up close, she wasn’t as beautiful as I thought she was from a distance. She asked me questions about the bus and waited with me. I read my photography book, and I checked her out. There was something sexy about her. I like her lips, skin color, hair color, and breast size for a start. I told myself that even if I can’t date her, I should just get in the habit of really being true and speaking my mind for a change. I figure that it was just her and I right there so what embarrassment is there, really.

After looking at her and hesitating a million times, I finally just said what was on my mind:

I think you’re attractive.

She blushed and she said:

Thank you, but I think I’m a little older than you

She was older. She told me her age. She thought I was a lot younger than I am. We started talking. I can tell that she was really interested. She made sure we exchanged phone numbers before we went our separate ways. I’m sure that this one is actually going to be a date.

Take care !


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