Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I’m a little bit better. My new camera came already. It’s a lot better than the one I lost. I like this camera a lot and I hope to never loose another camera. What happened is in the past. That night was really a huge blow, though. I didn’t care to control myself these past few days. I ate what I wanted, I slept a lot, and I didn’t exercise. I did manage to read a few photography pages. This book I am reading is interesting. Also, with more good news, I have three beautiful women — all extremely beautiful that want to shoot with me.

With one, I had talked to her about shooting a while ago, but she left town. She came back and now asked me if I want to shoot. I ignored the message for now. I was interested in shooting with her before, but not anymore. The last two girls I shot had really small breast, with at least the second girls breast being bigger than the other girls. Her breast are really small. On the next shoot I want to do, I want this girl’s breast to be big. I messaged a girl that I had met in a nightclub some time ago. She had really really really huge breast that I am sure were bigger than DD. We did a shoot together about a week later. It was one of my more…nastier shoots. She got totally nude and we poured milk all over her as I shot. My floor was a mess afterwords

So yeah, for small breast reasons, I don’t care to shoot with this girl. The other two girls have DDs. One is a definite go, the other? I will try and keep up with her. She told me that she will be going to Europe on the day that I want to shoot her. She asked if I can pick another day. I told her that I will catch her when she gets back.

So, as you can see, I am back in good spirits. I will get back to dieting and exercising. My house is a mess, so I may take a nap and then wake up and clean.

Take Care !




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