Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well. I just stayed home and relaxed and I studied photoshop a lot. I edited some photos I did of last night’s party. The girl really liked them. I also practiced photoshop on shots that I did with the models. I found a better way to edit a photo I didn’t like already.

Yesterday, I was very busy. I did a bunch of grocery shopping the day before. I am starting a new diet for this whole month, so I went to by food for the first week of that after I did the shoot with that girl. I came home, checked out her photos a bit and then I went to bed. I had to wake up at 3 something in the morning so that I could make it back to the hotel and return the key and get some things. I had to leave the hotel right after that because I had a Krav Maga belt test at 7:30 in the morning.

I was testing for orange belt. Yes, I am still a beginner. The test was very very hard, though. It’s not hard to pass, I don’t think, but we did a shit load of exercise that can wear a person out pretty easily. The test lasted about 4 hours. We did way too much exercise. Punching and kicking bags my seem easy to some, but it is difficult and tiring to do repeatedly. I’m not sure why we exercise so much for test. I survived, though. I’m looking forward to the new classes. Now I will be learning a lot of grappling techniques.

After the test, I went to work. Boy were my feet and muscles hurting. I kept busy at work.

After work, I grabbed a beer and I went to the lesbian party that the girl asked me to come to. These parties are always fun. We were at a new location, yesterday. The place was OK. I had been there before.

I found out something really interesting, yesterday. People told me that there are straight guys that pretend to be gay just so they can hang around girls. I can’t believe that some guys will go to such lengths. I am at a gay party, but I don’t think I pretend to be gay. I just act normal and talk to everyone. They say that you can tell if the guy is just hanging around the girls. I’ve never thought about this. I did here a ‘gay’ guy talking to a girl before and complaining about how he doesn’t have a lot of female friends because of how he looks–he looks too straight, I guess. I thought to myself, well if he’s gay, why does he need female friends so bad? I’m the only straight person there. I try not to be openly straight. I just go around and ask people for photos. I never try and dance with any girls or anything like that,though. I let guys get close to me and such, but that’s not pretending to be gay–that’s blending in with the party.

Today, while practicing photoshop, I looked back on photos I had done of that girl, and I think they are really incredible. I’m not even thinking about the girl anymore. I am already thinking about who will be my next shoot.

Take care !



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