09/12/16 part 2

Soooo…I’m just now leaving class. Mondays are pretty easy going, but thus teacher, in particular really focuses on the details. 

Anyways, class is not exactly what I want to write about. I want to write about this girl in class. Sure, I have been attracted to girls, but this feels like a genuine like. That’s why I avoid practicing with her. I am shy and I like her. She is beautiful to me. Her presence is even so heavy to me when I see her out of my peripheral vision. I develope disciline in class and I don’t look a her butt that’s being noticed out of my periheral viso\ion in those black tights she wears all the time. 

Saturday, when we were testing, we finaly practiced together. It was nothing really. There is nothing to avoid about her. I enjoyed pracicing with her nd she seemed to do the same. She is serius about her training and so am I.

So, today she was a lot more open to me. She even came next to me in line–to my spot. Her spot, that she usually stands in is all the way on the other side of class. It seemed like she wanted me to partner  up, but I didn’t make it obvious that I noticed that. She ended up partnering with another girl. 

I tallked with her and her mom (who drives her to class?) before class. If I can read body language really well as I think I can. I may be right in the fact that I noticed that her mom notices that I like her too. Her mom started a conversation with me. We chatted for a while and then the daughter chimed in a bit. When I was looking at her daughter as I was talkng to her, her mom was focused directly on my face as if she noticed something, you know. Maybe she caught the way I may have looked at her daughter. At soon as her daughter chimed in, I looked at her and took notice of everything. I noticed her beautiful round face and her big sparkling brown eyes. Maybe her mom took notice of the delight in my eyes in that moment. 

There is something bad about this story. Or maybe it’s not so bad because I don’t plan on acting on it or anything, but she is too young for me, I should say, so there is no way that I can actually date her. 


Take Care


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