Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well. I am halfway through. After work, here, I am going to head over to my Krav Maga class. I have to switch the days that I am going since I am a new belt, now. Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings seems like good days. It will be rough going on Saturdays at 9am because of some parties I have to attend sometimes.

There is nothing really to write about.

I plan on flying to Vietnam in February. I am going with my Vietnamese family that I have in Hawaii. I was going to fly to Russia for some party and girl stuff to do on my own, but I put the planning and trip off for this Vietnamese thing. I am sure I will make it to Russia, though. Maybe by the time I fly I will be less shy.

I have been thinking about the next girl that I want to shoot with. I have this sexy idea. We will do something full nude, again. The last girl was 100% nude. The shots are amazing. I’d say that shots are just a tad bit under Hustler style and are a little bit more nude extreme than what playboy used to be. They are more playboy style nudes for the most part. So anyways, I have this idea where I shoot with a girl all while under the white bed sheets. I got the idea from this last girl I had shot with. She covered herself with white bed sheets and I got my camera to crawl under the sheets and take some shots. I like how they came out with the soft all white background and all, so I want to do most of my next shoot like that. I think it will look cool.

Because of this idea, I’m so stoked about finding a new girl. The whole thing is challenging, too, because I usually use a very small room for one. I use a very old 2004 5mp camera, and I can’t see out of the viewfinder for the settings that I use. I have a better camera, but it’s in Hawaii with my friend where I left it. He will not send it back, I suspect that the family doesn’t want me to take so long to visit again, so maybe he will bring it with him when we go to Vietnam. I’m so tempted to buy another camera, but I told myself that I will just keep using this one because the challenges will make me a better photographer. I’m so tempted to do this current photo project in different location, but the challenges of using this small room will make me a better photographer as well.


That’s all I’m going to write about.

Take Care !


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