Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I have broken promises to myself, sort of. I am sick. I have been sick since the past two days. I don’t think it’s a cold. But I feel the cold sinuses almost and I have been coughing a lot. My body feels a bit week. Soooo…having said that, I think I had good reason to not go to the pool party, today. I didn’t go. I stayed home and watched movies. I watched an episode of “The Americans”, an episode of “The Wire” and I watched a movie called “The Casino.” I stayed in bed all night and for most of today.

The first thing I did when I actually did get out of bed was walk to the park and complete my spartan workout. I did it with more intensity this time. I was weak so I was coughing pretty hard after every set. The exercises are hard to do. I found a youtube video of the exact workout that I did:

Round 2 is the hardest. After that, I practiced kicks for a bit and then I felt like I had enough.

I came home and took a shower. I had a piece of bread and a beer as I read my photography book and did more practice shots of Barbie. I actually got an email from the model today. She just wanted to confirm that we are actually going to shoot this time. She seems very eager and happy. I am sure that we will get along great and that this will be the best shoot that the both of us had done. I drank and visualized some dreams about the book I plan on doing and about my upcoming shoot. I will visualize daily. Then I went to get a quesadilla from a restaurant.

Now I am writing this.

I have a photo on my wall that grabs my attention every time. It’s just a snapshot but I like it. It is a photos of the first girl that I had ever shot with in LA. We had fun that day, but I was really nervous. She was more interested in hanging out rather than shooting. My confidence was so low at the time that I didn’t recognize none of that until afterwords. My confidence was so low that she even recognized it and verbally stated:

You need to have more confidence.

We hung out for about 5 hours just drinking, walking, talking, laughing, and doing photos.


Take Care !



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