Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today is going well. I will go to Krav Maga class, today. Tonight is sparring night. Sparring is a workout too. It is one of the hardest nights. I hope I do well.

There is still no hope with finding models. That girl that I wrote about last night is gone. She will never responded. I kind of knew she wouldn’t. No girl that I asked to shoot with has responded to me, yet. I swear it’s been about 15. Sometimes models are hard to find. Sometimes they are easy to find. I like the struggle and the wait, though. I am sure that whoever I find will be absolutely beautiful. If I don’t find anyone, I’m either going to fly to Chicago with the money I had planned to use or I am going to use a girl that I had shot with before. I have two beautiful girls in mind that I know will be down.

Take care !14125612_10154451648069890_466793317217088181_o



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