Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me. I’m fine. It’s a shame but I have een watchng my email with no hope. I give already. I”m going to start messaging other girls. I want to keep my ball rolling. Sooo…I guess that’t the end of our story. I’ll still say “hi” when I see her. And I will try and make things not odd. That’s the same thing that happened to me and that pop singer. She messaged me asking to shoot. I said, yes, we talked about it but she droppd out for some reason. When we saw each other again, it was a little odd. But it was OK.

So, I wonder who this next shoot will be. I also have to keep in mind that I don’t have to pay everyone. Some girls that I meet wiill just do it for free, but I look at paying as a karma thing. Eventually, I want to be paid for my work, so I am doing for others the same if you know what I mean.

I’m actully glad to move one. I lke being 100% sure the first time around. Once all of this reschedulng mess starts to happen I get iffy and give up I want things to just flow. Waiting for someone just seems so needy/lowly.

In other news. That photo that I posted on my facebook of that girl I like received an ignorant comment from a girl that had been interested in me before. I was interested in her, I admit. She was cute, and I remember liking her butt because it was big. She said something along the lines of “that girl has an ugly rash on her breast.” I deleted the comment, because I didn’t want the girl to see it and get hurt. But the other girl must have seen that I deleted it and she posted it again, “lol”ing. So I left it up. I knew that the girl and her girlfriends would see it and really really go off on her. I would have went off on her myself if I was still like that. But like I said, I have been quiet. The girls really went off on her, today calling her all kinds of bitches and cunts and threatening to beat her ass. I said nothing at this point. I’m just all too entertained by it. I was happy when I saw that they cursed her out.

Take care


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