Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well, and I did everything as planned. I exercised, I meditated, and I went out to take photos. I’ve also been watching my email like a hawk.

I had planned on emailing the girl that I met at the strip club, the dancer. I think I emailed her some time last night. I emailed her about shooting two weeks from now. Maybe that was a lame move on my part. Or maybe it was the right move. She’s not a date or anything, so moves shouldn’t matter if you know what I mean. This is only a shoot I want to do with her. I emailed her about doing the shoot two weeks from now because that is when I will have the money to pay her. I didn’t let her know that, though. I only said a specific date.

She emailed me back this morning saying thanks for emailing her, but that she will be in Seattle during that time and asked if I am flexible on time and if I had examples of my work so that she could know what to do. I sent her some unedited photos of the last nude shoot I did with a Russian girl. and I sent her my flickr account. She hasn’t responded yet, and that’s what I have been waiting to see all day.

Why am I so anxious to shoot with her, again? Maybe I just want our story to continue. I felt like we connected in the strip club. I walked by and asked for a photo. She said to not do her face, but that I can take plenty of photos of her butt. So we did a mini photoshoot of just her butt. I ran into her a few more nights after that and we joked around about her being my butt pic girl because every time I saw her, I took photos of her butt. I eventually asked to do a real photoshoot with her. So here we are. Maybe that’s why. I want this story to continue. Another reason I may be anxious to shoot with her is that I want to show off. I want to show the gay girls that I am with that I am able to meet girls in public places and convince them to do photoshoots. For some reason, I want to show them that we connected. Or…I can narrow that down and say that I want that specific big boobed girl to see this connection between us for some reason. I’m sure she is curious about how I meet girls and get them to do photoshoots. She really had her eye on us one day when we were talking, and for some reason, I want to show her that, yes, we have a connection.

I can’t wait until we shoot. Overall, I just want this story to continue. She is a very very beautiful blonde girl, and she is tall, and she has a big butt. It’s no big deal if we don’t shoot, though. The world is filled with many beautiful girls.


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